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Two distinct basketball games are offered in this package, with 3 skill levels and sets of players. One recreates the real game closely, offering a full league for 1 or 2 human players, which can be saved to disk. The other is faster-paced, with the Flow-Control feature for easier shooting.

Shot time limit and match length can be varied, as can kit and court colours. Long range shots and slam-dunks are all available. The game features 9 years of historical statistics for teams and players.

A great strategy-oriented basketball game by Omni-Play, this game was re-released in 1990 by Virgin Mastertronic as Magic Johnson's MVP with the same excellent gameplay that offers a wealth of managerial options, including full drafting and (long!) league play. Plays are realistic, and players are rated for each ability, which can be improved. In all, a solid basketball game.

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