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Following their excellent Rainbow Islands conversion, Graftgold's next coin-op licence for Virgin was equally hot. Iron Man Stewart's Super Off-Road Racer (to give it its full name) is another variant on the Supersprint theme, with the wimpy cars and tracks replaced by massive trucks and slippery, tortuous dirt-tracks. Whereas past games in this style have been limited to figures-of-eight and loops, Off-Road's tracks are winding affairs, featuring jumps, chicanes and tight corners. In addition, to aid the veteran driver, extras including better tyres, higher-performance engines and nitro boosters can be bought to 'pep' up your vehicle's performance.

This is a faultless conversion, and the enjoyment is enhanced with the addition of a second player. The trucks are extremely manoeuvrable, and control over them is simplicity itself. Add to these some ruthless computer opponents and a good selection of tracks, and you have an excellent re-release.

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