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Stereolusions screenshotStereolusions 1994
A cool program for Windows that can create stereograms-- pictures that form 3D images when you cross your eyes properly-- from any picture. Many graphics formats are supported, and the program also includes excellent guides on how stereograms work, and overview of different techniques used to create them. No more...

Stereoworld screenshotStereoworld 1995

ThinkTank screenshotThinkTank 1987
ThinkTank is an excellent "outliner" application, a niche genre of applications that were more popular on the Macintosh in the early 1980s. Outliner software allows you to organize your ideas into a complex hierarchy and edit them - to create a detailed outline, in other words. Naturally, outliners were popular...

VDM Sound screenshotVDM Sound 2002

Virtual Sound Blaster screenshotVirtual Sound Blaster 1995

What Are You Doing Today, Charlie Brown? screenshotWhat Are You Doing Today, Charlie Brown? 1992
What Are You Doing Today, Charlie Brown? is a nice calendar program for Windows that features hundreds of Peanuts comic strips. You can create to-do lists, set reminders for events, and group different kinds of events into categories for ease of use. Overall, a nice little application that fans of...

Utility Games:
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