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Chess has been considered as both a universally appreciated hobby of deep strategy and an intellectual exercise enjoyed by stuffy elitists. Chessmaster 3000 is designed to appeal to people of both interpretations of the game. This edition in the Chessmaster series features multiple gameplay options, over 20 customizable classical background music themes, and innumerable combinations of boards and chess pieces that range from minimalist metallic markers to intricate 3D-rendered Chinese figures.

Other features of Chessmaster 3000 include a teaching display, instant in-game help, an opening moves library of over 150,000 positions, nearly a dozen time-control options, tournament play, a Rate-My-Play function, various types of chess notations (algebraic, English, international, etc.), a Solve-For-Mate function, the complete USCF rules, a game file manager, 150 classic games, an import-export database function, and printing options. The manual contains a history of chess, a tutorial on how to play, and details on the multiple interfaces.

Chessmaster 3000 provides a strong chess opponent with 168 openings and different types of playfields (2D, 3D, and War Room). The game can suggest moves and determine the player's rating. It also contains 151 replications of classic real-world matches, and a Mentor feature which can act as a personal chess tutor through a variety of practical techniques.

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