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A very simple shoot-'em-up this, so simple that if it wasn't for fear of the sack I could have just repeated the word 'very' 150 times and ended the review there. Suffice to say that moving about and shooting things is all that needs be done - although at times you don't even need to do this; switching on auto-fire and remaining stationary (whilst the colourful parallax crash-into-able scenery scrolls horizontally towards you) is sometimes the most effective method of success.

Moving can even bo a bit of a problem at times, as the controls are overly responsive - although they probably have to be, as the sprites (and, for a pleasant change, also their bullets) are huge. And to conclude? Fighter Mission is R-Type with far fewer spills (and none of the frills), but still a few potential thrills. Not a bad download.

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