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Veil of Darkness is a adventure game with RPG elements featuring a fixed isometric perspective and a fair share of action-RPG style combat.

You take the part of a cargo pilot whose plane is shot down by a mysterious force while flying over a remote valley in Romania. A helpful village girl named Deirdre rescues you from the crash and takes you to her father Kiril, who informs you that your arrival via plane crash marks you as the chosen one who is prophesized to destroy Kairn.

Kairn is the local vampire lord who long ago murdered his father and brothers so he could inherit control of the valley. Ever since he's used his powers to cut off contact with the outside world Kairn has been living it up, torturing the villagers with madness and death, feeding off of them like livestock, turning the village women into his personal vampiress servants, and generally being a spoiled pain-in-the-butt.Meanwhile the villagers are miserable, as every day they face the possibility of either being devoured by werewolves, gnawed on by zombies, driven into stark raving lunatics, or turned into vampires by Kairn and his posse.

Since Kairn has cut off all ways out of the valley the only way you're going to leave is, as the old saying goes, over his dead body. That's not going to be very easy, however. Wild animals and unnatural creatures roam the countryside. While some villagers wise to help you rid them of Kairn, others have been driven mad with despair and by the valley's oppressive aura, causing them to commit unspeakable acts or otherwise act in an unhelpful manner. Even your most trusted allies may turn out to have a few skeletons in the closet...

I remember seeing this game at a friend of mine a long time ago, and I remember how jealous I was of him. The game is excellent when it comes to gameplay, setting, feel, addictivness, graphic... you name it, Veil of Darkness scores high points!

You play a pilot who has caught the unwanted attention of a Vampire deep in the Transylvanian mountains. Thanks to his little bats, he is able to crash your plane in a valley shrouded in mist. As you slowly regain consciousness, you find yourself in a city which time has forgotten. It seems time has stood still for the last 100 years. Folklore and myths are a big part in this community, and I am not only talking about conversations and superstition. Werewolves, Vampires.... they are all too real, and soon they are hunting you down.

The game feels alot like Ecstatica in many ways. Both have a mystic, gothic feel to them. Werewolves are something you will meet if you are not careful. And last, you have a loooong way to go before you finally can sit at the dinner table with the evil lord himself.

As I stated above, the game is perfect in almost every aspect. If I should point my finger at anything, it would be the intro music. It can get somewhat repetative, but this goes ONLY for the intro. The in-game music is (you guessed it) marvellous.

Controls can take some getting used to, but do not despair. You can walk by using the cursorkeys, numpad or mouse. Attacks are made by clicking on one of the two hand icons at the bottom of the screen. The same goes for using items such as a crowbar.

All in all a great game for the long dark winternights. If you liked Ecstatica, you will like this one as well. Two thumbs up!

Veil of Darkness is a familiar sight for players of The Summoning, as both games share a common top-down 3/4 approach to the adventure and the world interaction, although Veil is decidedly more adventure-oriented. The horror story is based around a pilot who crash-lands his cargo plane in the haunted valley of Romania's Transylvanian Alps in the late 1930s, and it's now up to him to stop vampire Kairn. The great story and atmosphere are guarantee to please both adventure and RPG gamers, despite some frustrating combats near the end.

One of the few adventure games from SSI. But this doesn't make the game bad. It's actually one of the best games when it comes to the atmosphere in the game. You have just crashed with your airplane and wake up in a large creepy house. Now you have to explore it and find out about where you exactly are as you can't remember to locate the exact area you were at when you crashed. I won't say too much about the people and "things" you will meet in the game, but everything won't be nice.

The game is rather easy to play and the interface when you are talking are good as well. The game includes some fighting but you are the one deciding on how hard it has to be as you can choose the difficulty in the game from the start. Overall a good adventure game offering some different aspects not seen in many other adventure games.

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