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The good thing about the MicroProse/Power Plus deal is that games that were released at 35 quid only six months ago are already coming out at a bargain price. And what's more, the majority of these titles are of an extremely high quality.

Best described as an underwater flight sim, you are a mercenary in control of a submarine fighting battles for corporate territory. It is the year 2050 (hence the title), and the oceans have become a vital source of food, energy and minerals. It is a wealth that the big corporations must defend from their rivals and that is where you come in. The game allows you to explore thousands of square miles of accurately mapped 3-D underwater seascapes in seven different multi-mission campaigns fought around places such as the North Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the South China Sea and the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

This is a fine game, and although the graphics don't sparkle quite as much as the CD version, they are still acceptable. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

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