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Endorfun is a fun psychadelic puzzle game that plays like Tetris on acid. Well, not really - but you get the idea :) The objective in the game is to maneuver a 3D cube (celled "Light Body") around a transparent grid ("Unified Field") to catch and absorb shifting target squares ("Life Forces"). When all Life Forces have been absorbed by your cube, you will win the level and proceed to the next one. Each level has a time limit, so you must be able to calculate long sequences of moves quickly and efficiently, lest you run out of time or become trapped by non-matching Life Forces.

The cool gameplay and unique premise alone already makes Endorfun one of the most entertaining puzzle games, but the designers went one step further to make sure you won't easily forget the experience. In addition to pretty, mesmerizing graphics, Endorfun is full of positive subliminal messages embedded in the exploding kaleidoscopic background and in the catchy world-beat soundtrack (thanks to The O Band). Paranoid gamers or skeptics who believe mind control theories will find Endorfun worrisome, but anyone who misses the '60s will find the game a welcome nostalgia - and a great puzzle game to boot. Who knows, your consciousness may indeed be - umm - 'augmented' when you do well enough in the game ;) Highly recommended to puzzle fans everywhere, but anyone who is easily nauseated by swirling colors will have to skip this trippy, unique game.

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