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The first in a long and reasonably successful line of 3D garden designer software, Europress' 3D Designer is licensed by BBC to use the name of its popular "Gardeners' World" TV program on the product. Quite ahead of its time by 1993 standards, the plethora of design/drawing options in 3D Designer is overshadowed by a cumbersome and confusing interface, which is hard to use despite being completely mouse-driven.

The best thing about the program is the amount of options at your disposal. Since this program is supposed to help you design your garden, the variety of plants and information about them are probably the two most important features. In this aspect, 3D Designer is excellent: the program offers a large plant database that contains information on sizes, climates, colors, and even some planting tips for dozens of plants. Although the graphics is admittedly primitive when compared with today's designer programs, it is adequate in terms of giving you a rough 3D visualization of what your garden will look like. Drawing is easy with 100% mouse-driven interface, and there is a help button that explains what each icon does (although it does not work consistently: sometimes I have to repeatedly click on a button to bring up the help screen). Sample gardens are included, and you can switch the view from 2D (blueprint style) to 3D at any time. All in all, an excellent early application in the 'niche' genre of garden design - well worth a look both to amateur gardeners and collectors of quaint applications. Recommended!


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