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In this story painting adventure you play as Peter Pan, the leader of boys and girls, against Captain Hook, the leader of pirates. You stole the treasure map from Hook, then Hook stole all the boys and girls from your village and now you have to exchange map on your friends and rescue all of them including you beloved girl. Also you are not alone with your Paintbox Pals. You can play the game many times, every your step is different because of your choice to avoid the obstacles such as crocodile in river or closed door. Your pals provide different solutions and you only choose them. It is very useful for very little kids.

Does every child sometimes imagine itself as a hero? Sure. Does every child fantasies about new magical lands full of adventures? Naturally. Does every child dream about flying? Definitely. But what is the one thought that every child has at least once in it's life? Not to grow up? Exactly!

But there is one boy who really is all these things. And you all know him. Sometimes when you go to bed and wake up in middle of the night, you can see a shadow on the wall, playing and flying. A boy's shadow that will run off if it notices that you are looking at it or if you try to catch it. You know you don't have to be afraid, because it's Peter Pan's shadow and Peter will probably come looking for it.

The magic island of Neverland comes to life in this lovely video game. Made primarily for youngsters, this game is actually an interactive cartoon where the most important things are imagination and fun, designed in a way where you can't make a wrong move or a mistake. The player follows the animated adventures of Peter Pan and helps Peter when he needs it. There's no way of doing something wrong, only different ways of doing something. Watching animated adventures means that game is designed to be an interactive movie - you watch an animated cartoon and perform simple tasks when required. These tasks come often so the player stays active.

As you enter your name, your paintbox is opened. This is an interesting idea of a game outfit. The gameplay takes place in the upper part of your paintbox and your paintbox pals are below. The paintbox pals are your tools for playing the game. Sally (spray), Jazz (brush), Winston (eraser) and Nick (pencil) are watching Peter's adventures with you, but when Peter needs help, some of your pals or all of them will offer their assistance. Depending on witch pal you choose, you will have different ways of handling Peter's problems. Also, choosing a pal may give you various choices in what way to use the chosen pal. So, you can either draw, paint, erase something or use a spray somewhere, and with a help of some magic, you help Peter.

Besides watching the cartoon, these different ways of helping Peter are very amusing. They will mostly result in funny and interesting situations. Sometimes the outcome of your choice will be logical and easy to guess, but sometimes it will be completely surprising, and will most likely put a smile on your face.

Clicking the sandwatch, in the lower-left corner of the screen, will bring you back to the last problem you solved. This gives you the chance to try out all the possible ways of handling the problem and let you see what the outcomes would have been. The storyline is linear, and whatever you choose won't change the way of your progress through the game. The book in the lower-right corner of the screen provides the usual options: save and load, sound options, switching player etc. Everything is very simple. The graphics are neatly done and will surely fit the taste of the youngest. Peter, together with his Lost Boys are presented as young teens. There is always something happening in the game, and everything has a colorful and cute look. The music fits the atmosphere, but unfortunately the game supports only the PC speaker.

Recommended mostly for kids, this game still may be interesting for anyone to play. Parents may also give it a try with their children. The game will best suit the youngest because of it's simplicity and easy challenges.

So, when you see someone's shadow playing around in the middle of the night, you know you don't have to be afraid.

Game works in Win XP and with VDMSound but it may run slowly. Runs perfect in DOSBox.

One of the best releases in Electronic Arts' short-lived EA*Kids line, Peter Pan is a fun interactive storybook designed for kids aged 4-8. The excellent review at Quandary says it all:

"Peter Pan is an animated adventure where children can really get involved and influence the story in several delightful and often unexpected ways. The game's controls are friendly and easy to use so that children as young as four will have little trouble coming to grips with them, even though the game is recommended for six to ten year olds.

The story opens with Peter thwarting Captain Hook by stealing his treasure map. Hook in turn kidnaps Wendy and 'the lost boys' so you must now help Peter to rescue his friends and to overcome obstacles along the way. The game screen takes the form of an open paintbox with the story played out in the lid. Sometimes Peter will turn to you and ask for your help. At other times Tinkerbell will appear and implore you to help Peter quickly. This is purely for dramatic effect as the game does not rely on reflexes at all.

To assist you in helping Peter are the Paintbox Pals - a group of animated paint tools. There is Sally Sprayer who can create instant creatures; Jazz Painter who lets you add a splash of colour to any scene; Winston Whoosh who will erase anything except the smile off your face; and Nick Lead for a join-the-dots solution to any problem. In addition, Sandy Hourglass lets you go back to an earlier scene so that you can try a different approach and Mark Bookmark saves your game and lets you quit when its way past someone's bedtime.

Sally, Jazz, Winston and Nick will turn around appealingly to offer their help whenever Peter needs it. For example, when Peter is threatened by a pirate both Jazz and Winston may wish to help. Pick Jazz and he turns into a paintbrush, dip him into the yellow paint on the palette then click him on the pirate's sword and it will change into a banana. Alternatively, choose Winston and rub out the pirate's clothes revealing his pink, spotted underwear and he will run away in embarrassment. All good fun for the kids, and all carried out with just a click of the mouse button.

Peter Pan features both speech and on-screen text to encourage reading, as well as beautifully animated graphics. The story offers a variety of choices of solutions - all of them successful so there are no 'wrong' answers to frustrate younger players." Highly recommended, especially for kids who love Broderbund's Living Books series but wish they were more interactive.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (7.72 MB).


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