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Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters is another superb release in The Learning Company's excellent Reader Rabbit edutainment series. Tailored to pre-schoolers, this program contains six activities designed to improve kids' cognitive and early language skills. The activities include: Music Pond, in which kids must find the musicians and direct the animals in familiar songs; Grandma's Kitchen: find and match ingredients that complete a recipe in Grandma's cookbook; Mix-and-Match Bedroom: match designs and patterns; ABC Bathroom: match Letters; Picture Parlor: practice working with location and comparison words; and finally Grandpa's Workshop (in my opinion the best activity): a matching game that lets kids compare shape, size, and color of various objects. Every activity is well-designed, with colorful graphics, intuitive user interface, and superb gameplay that will capture pre-schoolers' interest for hours on end. Yet another excellent release from arguably the best edutainment company.


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