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The Master of Mischief is at it again. This time he has devised a great spelling be in which he will submit robots to win the spelling bee for him!

When you first log in you will be asked to chose a category of words (Holiday, homophones, etc.).You are then brought to a screen with three options, Crisscross, Flash Cards, Word Search. Crisscross is a sort of crossword puzzle, but instead of clues you just need to figure out where the words go. Flash cards are flash cards... You hear or see a word then spell it out. Word finder is a grid filled with letters wherein several words are hidden.

Once you finish the above you can enter a spelling bee where you face the Master of Mischief and/or his robots. Winning opens up new levels of competition such as Regional or international.

Yet another excellent title in The Learning Company's "Super Solvers" line, Super Solvers Spellbound! offers one thousand words in four amusing games: Word Search, Flash Card, Criss Cross, and Spelling Bee. The program was designed to help build spelling skills for kids ages 7 to 12, although adults can also enjoy the game at higher difficulty level. As with all Learning Co. games, learning is integrated masterfully into the mini-games, each of which has enough vibrant graphics, fast-paced action, and accessible hints to keep kids glued to the screen. Highly recommended!

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