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While this title is several years old, it prevails because it is so well done. MathQuest with Aladdin combines an engaging storyline with outstanding mathematical logic puzzles. As children help rescue Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu from a spell cast by an evil genie, they must travel around Agrabah and play a variety of games. There are 18 inventive math activities in all-a huge number for a software title-so you get real value by investing in this software.

The math activities here are not your traditional math drill activities. For example, to open a vortex entrapping Aladdin, children must puzzle through a magic recipe involving gems. The ingredients might include: 5 purple gems, 7 more yellow gems than purple, and red gems equal to one half of the number of yellow gems.

With great graphics, engaging characters with whom to interact, and three levels of difficulty, this is a math title your children will want to explore.


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