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Vermeer screenshotVermeer 1988
Ralf Glau's second game following Hanse, Vermeer is an interesting trading oldie for up to four players. All texts in the game are in German. Set in the year 1918, the world is at war, the economy in turmoil. Players slip into the role of Walther von Grünschild's (aka Vico...

Warning Forever screenshotWarning Forever 2003
Another superb freeware shooter from Japan, Warning Forever is similar to BulletML games like rRootage - addictive games that are turning "abstract shooters" into a new and exciting genre. Warning Forever packs enough innovation to set itself apart from other BulletML, however. To begin with, you don't battle countless hordes...

Yogho Yogho screenshotYogho Yogho 1995
Here's yet another cute little platformer. It's fast passed jumping crawling key finding fruit collecting action game. It was made as a commercial for (get this) a Yoghurt brand and thus it seems to be a bit childish (at least the pictures look like that), but don't let that fool...

Yuppi's Revenge screenshotYuppi's Revenge 1988
In Yuppi's Revenge the player is assuming the position of a Harvard graduate, suddenly faced with typical managerial problems concerning the leadership of a multinational oil company. The goal is to earn as many monetary rewards and decorations as possible. Drilling for oil, dealing with oil tankers, or trading shares...

Zombi screenshotZombi 1990
In Zombi you control a team of four intrepid travelers, who have landed their helicopter on the roof of a shopping centre in the hope of finding fuel. The problem is that, with Hell full, Zombies are walking the earth, devouring humans as they please. Zombi is a point and click...

Zorg om het water screenshotZorg om het water 1990
Educational program in Dutch about the care of water. ...

Non-English Games:
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