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Jegg is a cute little freeware gem from Japan with a simple premise: direct eggs of different color into the correct bag by adding or removing pipes the eggs can travel on. Despite being very easy to learn, the game is quite difficult to master.

The setup is intuitive and easy to understand. Five hens on the top of the screen each drop a different-colored egg at random. Your job is to direct each egg to the bag of the same color adding or removing a pipe section to change the direction of the eggs' movement. You do this simply by clicking on the empty spot to place a new pipe section, or clicking on an existing pipe to remove it. The game is quite difficult, however, because there is only a limited number of pipe sections that can be on the screen at any given time - you must remove one to add another once the limit is reached. Since the eggs move quite fast, it's almost impossible to get a 100% score unless you have very good reflexes. Overall, I find Jegg a fun coffee-break title, although the difficulty level may be too high for most of us. The game is in Japanese, but there's really nothing you need to read to understand how to play ;)


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