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A cute little game from E-Game, leading promotional game developers. Sponsored by Swedish energy giant Sydkraft, your mission in Sydkraft Energy Saver is-- not surprisingly-- to help the little light bulb Elvis to turn off the lights in the building to save energy. When a person leaves a room without turning off the lights, an energy ticker starts. The faster you can turn the light off, the more points you will get. You also have to check the total energy consumption, since Elvis will lose one of his light bulbs if too much energy gets wasted.

You have another mission as well: to stop accidents from happening. A little guy who is totally unable to let things alone lives in the building. When he shows up it is best if you get there as fast as you can before an accident happens. Every half minute you will get a clever question, which correctly answered will render you 100 bonus points. Too bad these questions are in Swedish only.


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