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Tennis Cup is a split-screen tennis game with the camera closely positioned at the athlete's back. The available playing modes are exhibition match (either single or double), training, the Davis Cup or the four Grand Slam tournaments. He player either controls one of the 32 available tennis athletes or creates a new one. Then there are 30 points to divide between abilities (e.g. forehand or volleys). This athlete can be saved to disk and further improved during the course of time. For exhibition matches, the opponent can be built the same way.

The game includes various hit types, depending on the player's position and timing. The direction of the ball can also be influenced when performing a shot. There are four different surfaces, influencing the gameplay, and three difficulty levels.

Tennis cup is old. In fact, it is so old that I had to do some research on the net in order to find it out. It turned out it wasn't as prehistoric as I thought it would be, but pretty darn old anyway :) I remember playing it with my friend on his 286 with Hercules. We even had to use SimCGA in order to get the crappiest graphic mode in the game working. It looked absolutely dreadful, but we played it anyways! Why? Because it's fun, and it supports multiplayer modes! What else could one wish for... :) It manages to catch my attention even today and that tells a lot about it. So, what can you expect from this game?

First of all, the game features pretty much every playing mode and surface that you can meet in real tennis. This means 4 types of surfaces, plus singles, pairs, championship, davis cup and training modes of play. Also, you get multiplayer support for practically every type of match you play. But that's not all! You also get a set of extra shap Shinjitsu knifes... just kidding :) No really, this game just rocks. Unfortunately, the only aspect in which it generally lacks sophistication is the actual playing engine. The ball will very oftenly bounce unpredictably leaving you wondering what the hell just happened. Also, there is a very limited set of posibilities in which you can hit the ball. This means that you will have a very hard time striking the ball so that it falls where you thought it should. However, a very refreshing touch is that you can actually choose your player's specs such as serves, forehands, backhands, volleys and so on. With time you can also train and gain more points for improving the overall stats.

Anyways, I've said enough. By now you probably know whether or not you wish to play this game, so go ahead and make your choice - it's either back or download button :)

Tennis Cup is yet another tennis simulation that came out in the early 90's. Graphically, the game is a beauty with typical Sablons characters and design. It offers many options and play modes, such as Davis Cup matches, doubles, tournaments and most notably a split-screen mode, making two-player games playable from both sides of the court. However, that split-screen is also the screen you have to cope with in single matches. This makes judging lobs a bit of a problem. The major flaw in gameplay for me is the fact that you are almost unbeatable near the net, while good ground-strokes happen very rarely. Overall, not as good as Great Courts 2, but quite nice for a change. Also take a look at its better successor Tennis Cup II. Note: All in-game texts are in French, but that shouldn't be much of a problem.

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