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The popular board game (you know, the one with the video and everything) makes it onto the PC. Surveying the accompanying packaging, I noticed the phrase 'a truly revolutionary multi-player system'. Since you merely take it in turns to have a go, I couldn't quite work out what they meant - until eventually it dawned on me that turns are taken in a clockwise direction. Truly revolutionary indeed. Since this is a 'horror' game, a lot depends upon its ability to create a tense, threatening atmosphere, and to a certain extent it succeeds. Mind you, much is made of the supposed 'scariness' of the host, whereas I found his incessant pantomime malevolence (not to mention his constant half-cocked insults) downright annoying. Make it to the end of the game and there's the opportunity to find yourself coming face to face with your greatest fear (although try as I might, I couldn't spot Eamonn Holmes anywhere).

Anyway, if you really want to sit around with some friends, playing a board game on your PC, instead of on your living room floor (which is where this kind of thing works best), then go ahead, be my guest.

It's not the sort of game you'll play a lot, but it's still fun played in a group.

Atmosfear: The Third Dimension is based on the Video Board Game Atmosfear. It is a race against time to escape from the undead realm of the enigmatic Gatekeeper and avoid coming face to face with your worst nightmare. The objective: each player chooses between 6 characters (Harbringers) and has to collect six different coloured Keys - one from each Province - then journey to the centre of The Other Side and open the casket to face his greatest fear - beating the clock and The Gatekeeper.

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