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The carnival comes to PC in Thrillville: Off the Rails, part park management sim and part adventure game. Build an assortment of themed roller coasters, racetracks, and offbeat rides while attempting to impress the crowds and turn a profit along the way. Unlike similar business-oriented titles, however, Thrillville's focus isn't on micromanaging a multitude of resources. You instead explore the 3D animated park from a third-person perspective set behind a male or female character. Characters are encouraged to converse with visitors, participate in mini-games, and even ride the coasters for a firsthand account of each twist, tumble, and turn.

Off the Rails also includes a wide variety of customization options. Concession stands can be built around the park, ticket prices adjusted, staff hired, and more. Choose from several pre-designed rides or build your own by mixing and matching parts. Rides can be further tweaked with animatronics, new paint schemes, flaming hoops, additional cars, and so forth. Each area features missions to complete, from talking to specific patrons to earning a monthly profit on a particular attraction. Fans of the original Thrillville will explore 15 new areas and compete in a total of 34 arcade-style mini-games, from robot boxing to tank shooting.


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