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Modern Art is an excellent PC implementation of the board game of the same name designed by award-winning designer Reiner Knizia. Your goal: buy and sell paintings by five different artists to make the most profit. Each turn, you can put a painting from your collection up for auction and bid for paintings put up by other players. After each round, paintings are valued by the number of paintings of that type that were sold in auctions. Naturally, the winner is the player that ends up with the most cash at the end of the game.

Like other games by Knizia, Modern Art is easy to learn, but has enough subtle gameplay dynamics to keep each game refreshingly different from the last. There are many kinds of auctions in the game: open auction, once around, fixed price, sealed auction, and double (which allows two paintings to be sold during your turn). Unlike most fanmade PC conversions of boardgames, the AI in Modern Art is extremely good - in my 10 games against the computer I have managed to win only once. The graphics could be better and the interface more user-friendly, but overall this is a very good fanmade effort that allows yet another superb boardgame to be more well-known to PC gamers. Recommended!


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