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Silk is a fun adult Qix-style game from Subsino, a Taiwanese developer. Your goal on each level is to use the arrow keys and spacebar to "draw" lines from the edge to expose a hidden picture of a (scantily clad, of course) girl underneath. You need to expose at least 80% of the girl's picture to advance to the next level. If you get 100%, you will be treated to a neat little animation of hula dancers for a few seconds.

While drawing lines, you must avoid spiders, evil clowns, or other menacing "boss" monsters on each level that will make you lose a life when it runs into your line (or in this case, makes the guillotine blade fall a bit more toward your throat). These boss monsters grow gradually, so it is imperative for you to finish a level quickly. You can draw lines to capture food items (hamburgers, etc.) to gain time, but watch out for evil skulls - they zap your time if you run into time.

There are fun extras that make Silk more enjoyable than your typical Qix games. For example, sometimes the screen suddenly changes to a different picture; you can capture one of the square bonus items to change it back. You can also accidentally clear the screen without exposing the girl picture, in which case -- well, better luck next time ;) If you like Qix or relaxing arcade games that won't tax your brains, Silk is well worth a look. Although the game is definitely adult-themed due to nude pictures of anime girls, it doesn't contain anything nearly as offensive as, say, Gal Pani X. If you don't mind or can ignore "(very) soft porn" elements, Silk is a lot of fun. The game is in Chinese, but as an arcade game you shouldn't have problems navigating the sparsely written menus. Highly recommended, but with some reservations.

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