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The Century Parody is a powerful battleship on its way to the trade station Samar. Shooting out of the KGD Star System in the year 3656 and into the Quila System you will land on to the mysterious trade station and along with your android companion Kayla uncover an ancient mystery.

Cosmic Soldier: Psychic War is an RPG adventure game where you control your character as he explores the many levels of Samar and encounters Psychic soldiers and fights in mental battles. When encountering an enemy character you can shoot him or her with your mind beam and hopefully beat them. You will find clues and objects on your adventure which you can question Kayla with. You can use different psychic powers to fight, explore and defend yourself. Along the way you can also find allies that will want you join you on your quest and you will be able to use these characters as well in your battles. Originally developed for the MSX and released in Japan in 1987 this slightly censored and translated version was ported to DOS two years later.

One of the earliest Japanese RPGs released overseas, Psychic War combines the anime-style graphics with first-person gameplay in this intriguing scifi RPG that features ESP powers instead of spells and arcade-style combat. Interestingly enough, the game is not as console-influenced as some of its cousins (e.g. Sorcerian), and puzzles enliven the action and provide good diversion from the hack-and-slash affair (or in this case, aim-and-shoot). Repetitive graphics are claustrophobic, but there are many neat gadgets to find and use.

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