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MILO is a puzzle game set in a contrived framework of adventure. You've arrived on a planet which has been left in the care of an artificial intelligence, MILO, whose major function is to guard the keys to the universe. For some unknown reason, the super race who discovered these universal keys and had the ability to transcend time and space decided to take their show on the road and discover even more cosmic mysteries. What those mysteries could possibly be and the reason why they felt it necessary to leave and continue searching is not explained (after all, they already had the keys to the universe). But, that's not your problem. It seems as if MILO has gone stale after millennia of being alone and in order to stimulate himself has devised a series of puzzles that will prove your worthiness to him and allow entrance into the Library that contains the keys to the universe. There are seven locations containing these puzzles and the only adventuring you really do is to travel in your ornithopter (aircar) from place to place, trying to solve the puzzles you encounter at each location.

The puzzles range from fairly simple to real brain teasers. The small user's manual that comes with the game inadvertently gives an example of the more irritating aspects of a few of the puzzles. At the beginning of the game, you must figure out how to fly your aircar (not a difficult process). But, the manual states that if you can't manage to power it up, "just play with the buttons, you'll figure it out". That's the problem with some of the puzzles. Sheer luck rather than logical thinking will win the day far too often. This is not a good thing.

The interface in MILO is basically smooth and you simply turn and/or go forward by pointing and clicking. A definite highlight of the game though is the beautifully rendered 3D environment, at least what there is of it. The artwork is simply gorgeous. The puzzles are presented nicely and usually you'll have to figure out the puzzle's challenge before figuring out how to solve it. There is no time limit for solving any puzzle and you can try over and over as many times as you like. You can also move from puzzle to puzzle in a completely non-linear way so if you get stuck on one, you can go try another. Puzzle solving options provide a reset button that puts you back at the puzzle's original configuration, an undo button that erases your last move and a help feature where MILO will give you audio or visual help. There is even a wildcard icon that will simplify a puzzle up to two levels and the CD comes with a text file containing tips. If you're a puzzle lover, you could do worse than this one. But if you're looking for an adventure game, this isn't it.

Graphics: Beautiful artwork and a suitably alien environment. Colors are crisp and sharp.

Sound: Well done musical soundtrack for a puzzle game. Sound effects are a bit lacking in quantity and substance.

Enjoyment: Not a bad diversion for a short period of time. Puzzles can be frustrating because of the occasional need for luck, not logic.

Replay Value: Some puzzles are intricate enough that you could replay them several times.

On a world far away, many millennia ago, a race of advanced beings discovered the 'keys to the universe'. This enabled them to transcend space and time, and so they embarked on a journey to the far ends of the Cosmos. Before leaving their home world, they created the most advanced artificial intelligence ever devised to act as guardian and caretaker. This artificial intelligence was named MILO. But MILO was not a perfect creation, his systems required constant intellectual stimulation in order to maintain their incredible abilities. Without his creators nearby MILO became tired and depleted. As the millennia passed Milo's systems began to fail. Milo desperately needed stimulation in order to reverse his decline - he needs an encounter with YOU. MILO already knew about your arrival, long before you did, so he didn't waste any time and made preparations. A series of challenges and puzzles for you, which will recharge his intelligence circuits and reverse his decline. The challenges are spread around the home world of the creators and special transport has been provided. If you prove worthy of the challenge you will gain access to the library where you will come face to face with MILO, and if you finally succeed you will be presented with the treasured keys to the universe. But if you fail - you will be trapped forever.

You are free to travel to every part of the planet and all you need is to do is solve the puzzles, which are very similar to the ones from The 7th Guest.

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