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This is a serious game of Parker Brothers's Monopoly that is fun and complex, combining all the areas of the traditional board game missing from earlier versions. It even adds new ways to play the game such as the multi-player and online features, and especially the customization of your own board! You can get right into the game with the Quick Game rules that may save time if you don't fancy setting up all the parameters. All of these features will definitely retain interest in the game.

Unfortunately, there's bad news. The most noticeable difference would be the introduction of a 3D board and 3D tokens, which is a major improvement over the previously pre-rendered animations of Monopoly for Windows. However at first, it might be difficult discovering how to rotate the board and once you reach that point there seems to be a memory-hogging problem. If you're going to utilize this new 3D board you're going to need a computer upgrade to at least the lower end of a Pentium III, as well as tons of RAM. The board moves utterly slow and choppy, which might freeze up the game and your system!

To customize your board you're going to need to make BMP files if you intend to skip the provided clip art. This becomes a pain because it isn't so easy, and once you do have your desired images and have them placed on the board, they won't change your life because it doesn't look all that great. The BMPs lose resolution and are set in small boxes, allowing the names of the "streets" to fill up the rest of the spots.

Don't fret though because there are a few features that actually work as promised. The ability to play up to six human players and the online challenge will keep you afloat. The ease of use regarding mouse control couldn't be simpler with easy clicking, dragging and dropping. Also, the 10 different city versions on top of the classic board are already provided for variety, as well as a graphical calculator to aid you in making those hard decisions. And of course, the graphics are super detailed and you get to choose from a pretty decent amount of tokens to play with.

Other features allow you to customize default options like the salary amount for passing GO. Even setting the auction time delay will put pressure on the current player to hurry up and buy a property, trade with another player, or skip the entire transaction altogether. There are a lot of specifics that lend to the realism of real estate.

If you do happen to have a high-end system then you're in for a surprise. Not only can you rotate the board, but you'll have the option to enable lighting effects, various camera angles, bilinear filtering, token animations and even dithering. Fortunately you don't need a high-end system to listen to Mr. Monopoly's comments, the music, or the token voices. Original music scores and realistic sound effects also serve the game quite nicely.

Everything else is pretty basic Monopoly that drives the core of the game with plenty of fake money to go around. If you're a Monopoly fan or the casual board game player, Monopoly won't disappoint.

Graphics: Although there aren't any special effects, at least the board and tokens are fully 3D with lots of color and nice animation.

Sound: Sound effects are zany and although don't have any stereo effects, they are still good. The music is original and fits the game appropriately.

Enjoyment: It's Monopoly and does the job well.

Replay Value: As with most games that deal with this classic board game, you can play till your eyes fall out.


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