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The Psychotron places the user in the role of a spy (or a group of spies -- the distinction is never made clear) sent out to solve a conspiracy. The device that gives the game its name was developed by the Russians and purchased by the Americans.

On an airplane flight in which the Psychotron is being transported to its new owners, a dramatic crash occurs and nearly everyone on board is burnt to death. All except one missing body and the Psychotron. It is now your job to uncover the conspiracies leading to the current situation of events.

The game presents two modes of play: investigation and interrogation. In the first mode, it is the user's job to search static scenes for clues and information by selecting objects and investigating them further, with the hope of garnering more clues. In interrogation mode, the user selects dialogue to deliver to the live video actors playing the other characters. The user obtains additional information through these conversations.

During the game, users will find themselves at different locales where they must first investigate the surroundings and then talk with other characters. Once all information has been gathered, the game will advance the user to the next locale. Most areas have puzzles that must be solved to further the story as well.

The game features a rock-and-roll soundtrack, and the responses from all characters are voiced through the user's sound card. Most people will find the game to take no longer than approximately four hours to complete, as it has few scenes and few impediments to its linear progression.

A point-based scoring system exists which indicates how well players have performed during the game. Yet the game does not supply a total point score so users may know how close to the maximum score they were. There is also a save feature so players can resume progress at a later time.

The Psychotron is an adventure from the early development time of live video, set in a wild Texan environment. A sort of Mission Impossible type of game with much usage of live video.

You have been assigned by the US President and the FBI to find out a missing official science project. The video interaction is very sharp and the game also offers the player many puzzles, card and board game sequences.

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