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Converting a popular board game to a computer format can be risky and difficult. Normally it involves creating a unique aspect designed to grab prospective user attention by offering something more than the original board version. Such is the case in Trivial Pursuit Interactive Multimedia Game which combines the best of the classic Parker Brothers game, including the high level of difficulty, while at the same time using the advantage of video, graphics and sound to create an enjoyable and truly interactive experience.

In both Classic (move pieces on the board) and Fast Paced (answer questions only) modes, the traditional categories and questions are aided by creative multimedia add-ons. As examples, a picture of the gun used in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy would be shown above the related question, or, a speech or a sample of music might be played as an audio clue related to a music-related trivia query. About half of the questions require either visual or audible recognition to answer a question correctly. The graphics, videos and sound clips are clear, sharp and simply make the game come alive.

There are no computer-controlled players and, although one person can play solo using the Fast Paced mode, the game is best played by at least two people in competition. One person reads and answers a question out loud, another clicks the answer and, if correct, board pieces are moved and a segment of the pie awarded. This manual method gives a feeling of actually playing the board game but due to the often difficult process of getting several people around a computer screen, an option to play against the computer would have been appreciated.

Trivial Pursuit Interactive Multimedia Game does what it is supposed to do very well. It maintains the integrity of the original game while at the same time giving it a new twist that trivia fans will enjoy. Questions are still very tough and may actually be too hard for many players. Rather than gimmicking the game up with multiple choice answers or adding perks common in computer games, the designers thankfully opted to stick to the basics and made the game even more enjoyable.

Graphics: Although limited in quantity, the graphics are excellent. The short video clips, pictures and game board are colorful, fluid and enjoyable to view.

Sound: The sound clips give you the chance to actually hear music, speeches and more -- a great addition to the game.

Enjoyment: Fun but also frustrating because the questions are very hard.

Replay Value: The game begs to be played repeatedly with its vast array of questions. The only downfall is the lack of a computer opponent.

This is the first multimedia version of the classic Parker Brothers board game. It uses photos, animations, videos & voice clips to pose over 2000 questions and answers to Trivial Pursuit questions.

In the Classic Game, up to 6 players roll an on-screen die and move their 'pie-dish' marker around the spoke-and-wheel game board, just like the board game. The square you land on is color coded to one of six trivia categories: People & Places, Sports & Leisure, History, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Nature, and Wild Card. Answering the trivia question correctly lets you take another turn.

Further, if you are on the 'prize' square at the end of each spoke (1 spoke end for each category color), the correct answer grants you a colored pie piece in your pie-dish marker for that category. Once you have all 6 pie pieces in your dish, you need to head back to the hub for a final random question to win the game.

In the Fast Game, up to 6 players can forgo the die-rolling and board movement. It's a race to answer correctly a question from each category first! Categories are randomly selected in this mode.

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