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HeadRush is the latest effort from the wildly successful team who created the game You Don't Know Jack: Jellyvision and Berkeley Systems. HeadRush is an accelerated version of the original You Don't Know Jack franchise, with updated sound and graphics.

First, let me tell you what's the same in HeadRush. You'll get the same type of questions, which rely on you knowing a great deal about pop culture, including cartoons, movies, stars, and current and past events. There are even questions that rely upon a knowledge of the internet for the answer.

Also the same is the fact that each question gets an opening animation, the fact that the game has a host, and that you get money for each correct answer and lose money for each incorrect answer.

What's new? As before, each opening question animation is new. Now, you get an icon of your very own to represent you during the game. The types of questions are generally the same, but some of them are given new names, such as HeadButt Questions, Trash Talking with Milan, and the HeadRush Question, which is exactly the same as a Jack Attack in the You Don't Know Jack games. There are also fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice questions and Dis or Dats.

Instead of Screwing Your Neighbor, as in the old You Don't Know Jack games, you get to bite them instead, and are issued pairs of false teeth instead of screws. HeadRush also allows you to continue your game with your previous score, so you can play out grudge matches, or just go for the ultimate high score.

The You Don't Know Jack games are going strong, but, even with this new game, the concept is beginning to wear out a little. Each game manages to be a little nicer and more politically correct than the one before it. I'm all for sequels, but I really wish they would come up with a new concept instead of rehashing it over and over.

If you haven't played any of the You Don't Know Jack games before, this is a nice place to start, but if you've done them all, you might find yourself getting bored. For all the bells and whistles, this is déjà vu.

Graphics: The few graphics in this game are excellently done.

Sound: Sound is loud--very loud. At times it is easy to miss some of the game instructions.

Enjoyment: This game is very enjoyable, as are all the You Don't Know Jack games.

Replay Value: With thousands of questions, you could play this game at every party you give and wait years before running into the same questions again.

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