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The series credited with spawning the survival-horror genre returns to the PC platform with Alone in the Dark. Famed protagonist Edward Carnby finds himself in a modern-day New York City after being hurtled through time for reasons unknown. Carnby's memories are a blur, but he will need to quickly regain his faculties to deal with an ominous threat. A supernatural force has gripped the city, and Central Park is now infested with hideous monsters of ancient origin. Carnby will need every ounce of courage and skill to stay alive in an unfamiliar world.

While the genre is known for its deliberate pace and restrictive movement, this re-imagined Alone in the Dark offers more action-oriented encounters. Players can rappel down elevator shafts, shimmy across ledges, drive vehicles, and more. The storyline is divided into chapters, with each section culminating in a cliffhanger designed to keep players glued to the screen. The interface also takes a departure from previous survival-horror titles, removing health and ammunition bars and incorporating a real-time inventory system that involves selecting and storing objects in Carnby's well-pocketed jacket.

As players explore a police precinct, zoo, castle, and other areas found in and around Central Park, they will battle enemies and solve puzzles. Multiple solutions are available for each predicament, and items can be combined in different ways to create helpful tools or even weapons. The action takes place primarily from a third-person viewpoint, automatically shifting to first-person sequences when behind the wheel, peering into Carnby's item-laden jacket, and for other events. Author Lorenzo Carcaterra, who penned the best-selling book Sleepers, helped collaborate on the game's scare-filled script.


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