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You have been turned into a ball of air with a slow leak by an evil wizard. You must find the Spellbook and the ingredients for the spell. Without these, you will never turn back into a human again.

This is one of the earliest isometric action games that is reminiscent of Marble Madness in look and feel, but with much more complex controls and gameplay. You've been turned into a ball (!) by an evil wizard, and must find the spellbook spell ingredients to turn back to human before the air runs out. Lots of traps and monsters give a strong RPG flavor to this essentially maze-navigating and trap-avoiding action game. Fun, and pretty addictive.

This is a classic game that was ported from Atari to PC. But surprisingly enough this port is just as good and even better than the Atari version, the Pc version actually has a better control.

You have been transformed into a ball by an evil wizard. To regain your human form you must find all the ingredients in the mansion for the transformation spell. The problem is, you have a leak, and if you deflate or hit something sharp you will pop.

This is one of the great games of the time. The graphics were very good and the game was addictive.

An evil wizard turned you into a bubble - an airball to be precise... and you have a leak! While it's your primary goal to find a spellbook and reagents for the spell to turn you back into human form you also got to have an eye on your own status and get yourself refilled with air every once in a while. You make your way through many rooms inside the castle jumping up stairs and always taking care of yourself because of your fragile nature. The game is pretty fun and after all not hard to learn, so especially younger children might like it, however it does require a certain level of skill. For its time the game had great graphics and was very complex. This might not be so obvious today, but compare Airball to other games from 1987 and you will most likely notice the difference. It was indeed very advanced.

There is really not SO much you can say about Airball - you have to try it, either you'll love it or you will be bored within minutes.

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