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Originally conceived as an interactive movie by the developers, Origin Systems, Inc., BioForge became much less an interactive movie than a fully realized and interactive action/adventure game, but the result is favorable. Although several minor complaints can be levied at BioForge, the total package shines because of exceptional graphical quality, sound, and an intense story. A few minor complaints can be labeled as disturbing or insensitive and can vary according to individual players' viewpoints.

BioForge contains some serious human cruelty and the accompanying graphics hammer the point home. Moral issues arise regarding difficult life and death choices (e.g., do you perform mercy killings or let victims die slowly at your feet [shades of Postal]; do you beat adversaries senseless for the fun of it or kill quickly, etc.) The redeeming quality is that the game doesn't exploit these graphic depictions of human anguish and misery as shock value (unlike Harvester for example), but rather as stepping-stones toward a logical conclusion of the plot and game. Another minor flaw concerns combat where you'll have to master the techniques. And since camera views shift constantly (ala Alone in the Dark), the learning curve can be lengthy. If having too many combat options can be considered a flaw, then BioForge is guilty -- again, a matter of individual taste. The use of text within the game can become tedious at times and the sheer quantity ensures some dissatisfaction for

those engrossed in the action aspects. In fact, reading all the offered selections is mandatory as many of the clues and subtle hints are contained therein.

On the positive side, graphics are as outstanding as the sound. Puzzle solving is nearly always logical and helps to advance the story and plot. The story itself is finely tuned and you find yourself caring about your character and his survival problems. BioForge is that rare game that sucks you in and keeps you interested throughout the entire ordeal, skillfully creating a desire to see it to it's conclusion. The beautifully constructed atmosphere and backgrounds give a very real sense of being there. The animation is fluid and smooth. The interface is easily learned and convenient. In summary, BioForge is immensely playable and enjoyable, albeit a dark story with touches of human depravity and cruelty. If you are easily upset by brutal or harsh situations, look elsewhere, otherwise jump in and join the action.

Graphics: Extremely well done with exceptional environments and smooth, fluid animations.

Sound: Digitized speech, good music and sound effects.

Enjoyment: It may not be the "interactive movie" Origin wanted, but it offers a great story, and nearly flawless and definitely intense gameplay you'll want to play to conclusion.

Replay Value: Because of the multiple possible endings, replay value is better than normal and worth a second look for visual enjoyment.

In the far future, a fanatical group of religious extremists known as the Mondites have begun a campaign of galactic conquest. Lead by the seriously whacked-out Prime Paragon, the Mondites believe in the evolution of man through machine by cybernetic implants. Unfortunately everyone they've applied their theory to so far has ended up either dead or insane. Until you came along.

You are a prisoner in a Mondite complex with no memory of your former life. Your body has been turned into a hideous cybernetic nightmare by the evil Dr. Mastaba. The Mondites have discovered a long dead alien civilization of unimaginable power. And to make matters worse one of the aliens was accidentally revived from its tomb and is now running rampant throughout the complex.

Bioforge is an action-adventure game similar to Alone in the Dark, featuring polygonal characters over pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D combat.

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