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With the scrolls now in his possession, The Last Ninja begins training a new order of Ninja. During a training session he is mysteriously transported to XXth-century New York. The Evil Shogun has returned! Torn from his own time, The Last Ninja must defend himself once more with nothing more than the belief in his own abilities. Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance is an action/adventure game where the player, controlling a powerful ninja, must fight his way through opponents while collecting necessary items. The game is split into various levels, each of them depicting a different locale and divided into several screens. The view is isometric and the ninja can move in four different dimensions (he can also walk backwards) and jump. Enemies, armed with fists and various ninja weapons, wander around the levels. The ninja must fight them either bare-handed or with the weaponry he finds along the way; in either case, he has a number of blows and attacks at his disposal, as well as the ability to block. There's a special weapon, shuriken, which are thrown in a straight line rather than used for melee combat; if they strike an enemy, they'll instantly kill or at least heavily damage him. There are items scattered around the levels, such as keys, rope, a map or hamburgers (which restore health when eaten). Collecting these items and using them in a proper place is necessary for completing the game.

Last Ninja 2 is the second game of the series which was originally designed for the C64. After the huge success of the first release, System 3 had to improve an already great game if they wanted another hit. The sequel may not be revolutionary compared to its predecessor, but is still considered better and remains one of the best C64 games ever. Even the graphics were improved in Last Ninja 2, and frustrating gameplay was kept to a minimum.

The DOS version came out two years after the original and the port was done properly. The game is now more colorful, with much better controls and movement than the DOS version of the first game and (almost) without levels that drive you mad. Gameplay is basically the same as with its predecessor.

Armakuni finds himself in twentieth century New York without a clue as to how he got there. Feeling that his old enemy Kunitoki has something to do with it, Armakuni isn't planning on taking it easy. But he must be careful, for different times bring different dangers.

The designers tried very hard (and were mostly successful) to make every level interesting to play. There are now a greater number and variety of puzzles, most of which involve manipulating the environment, although some require items and the use of a few brain cells. Nothing too complicated, but enough for a little research and a lot of amusement.

As already mentioned, the PC version of the sequel has smooth animation and simplified controls, so now you can easily maneuver with the cursor keys, jump precisely, and pick up objects without having a headache. Don't think the game is easy, but you shouldn't be frustrated with the control system. The only serious flaw would be slower gameplay than the C64 version, and anyone that has played the original will surely notice the difference. More precisely, running and moving is slower than it should be. Jumping becomes too fast compared to running, and may be used to quickly avoid enemies if there is enough space.

Fighting is mostly alright. Perhaps blocking could be implemented a little better, but there is always the "hit-and-run" technique that is easy to perform with your Bo or Katana. Also, don't forget to grab burgers on your way, those are extra lives.

Although this is a solid game, it failed to attract much attention on the PC. This is a real shame considering the quality of the game. Probably due to this lack of success with earlier DOS versions, System 3 never converted the third and final game of the series to DOS.

My advice is to try the game. It's a great mixture of action and fighting platforms, along with puzzles that will probably please most of the gamers. And if you like ninjas too, what are you waiting for?

Part of The Last Ninja games Series

Well, if you've played the first part you basically know this one. Concept is the same, graphics have slightly improved, but the sound got a bit more annoying. The controls are a little bit better, but that doesn't mean much. They only seem to be a little more reliable, but I guess you should expect that from a fighting game. Anyway - the surroundings changed, looks like New York to me. No idea about the exact background story - I have to be honest. But I can't seem to find big differences to the first game in gameplay itself. Judge yourself.

Our dear Last Ninja destroyed Kunitoki's forces on Lin Fen Island, but the master fled to the great city of New York. Now Ninja spirits have sent our hero through time and space and into NY. Will Ninja's finally get their vengeance?

The game is very much alike the first Last Ninja but it now has a bit more puzzles. You will fight on the streets of New York, the underground and the secret base of the Shogun.

Having defeated his enemies in the first game, Mr Last Ninja rebuilds his ninja school... then something happens and he is transported to present day (well, 80's) new york.. and theres a baddie and... oh I can't be bothered. If you've played the first game then this is more of the same, with slightly improved graphics and a more interesting setting.

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