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Set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe, Space Hulk puts you directly in the middle of a deadly battle between the Space Marine Warriors from the Dark Angel's Chapter of the Legiones Astartes and the insidious alien race known as the Genestealers. The Marines, also known as Terminators, have been patrolling Imperial space for literally hundreds of years, tracking down the abandoned space hulks the horrific Genestealer's use for transportation.

For centuries, the Marines have been consistently outnumbered whenever they board a derelict vessel commandeered by the Genestealers. Usually managing to escape victorious despite being surrounded and outnumbered, these squads of Terminators have earned elite status and march to only two ideals: protection of their fellow warriors and stamping out the evil of the monstrous race threatening to destroy mankind from within through unspeakable acts.

The hideous Genestalkers are nightmare creatures, very cunning and seemingly made of teeth with insect-like claws at the ends of their four arms -- claws that can tear and rend human flesh unmercifully. But under that ugly exterior pulses an intelligence that is forever looking for race survival and procreation through the intrusive, horrifying ordeal of reproducing, not by mating, but by infecting other races to bear their offspring in a convoluted process that takes four generations to play itself out, always at the expense of the victim's race in the long run.

In Space Hulk, you command five-man squads or large groups of warriors and can even control a single Marine. The action is spread out over more than 50 missions, including over a dozen tutorials broken down in basic and advanced modes. There are one and two squad missions ranging from "cleanse and burn" forays to defense actions and even so-called suicidal missions. And waiting for the intrepid gamer after the "preliminary" missions are completed is the very long and extremely difficult Deathwing Campaign with nearly two dozen missions.

At your disposal is an arsenal consisting of both close combat and long range weapons, small in number but deadly in execution, and a full range of commands represented by on-screen icons, just a click away. Strategic planning can be effected using a top-down perspective after receiving a brief before each mission. You'll choose and arm your squad before moving into enemy territory on the space hulks. Once the real-time battle is joined, however, you have the option of choosing control from a first-person perspective as you control a single warrior or by commanding the full squad.

The game also features an innovative Freeze Time option that acts like a pause function but in reality is a tactical tool. Before each mission you are given a limited amount of it to use judiciously. Every time freeze time is invoked, you have an opportunity to assess the battle via the top-down perspective and plan your next move. However, the allotted amount decreases while being used and only replenishes during real-time action!

In addition to the tutorials that are designed to ease the learning curve, the Space Hulk manual contains a quick start process and walks you through preparation for a battle. A separate manual containing complete historical backgrounds regarding the story, information on the two major groups of antagonists and details of every mission is also provided.

Space Hulk is a real-time conversion of the original board game by Games Workshop set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Players control a squad of Space Marines in an maze allowing 90 degree turns which they may view through multiple first person cameras or using an overhead map. Their mission: to wipe out the Genestealers, a vicious alien race inhabiting the derelict ships.

The 5-man squad (sometimes accompanied by another), encased in Terminator armors and armed with long range and melee weapons, can be given tactical orders (executed simultaneously) via map - with an option to temporarily freeze time (to give player more room for thinking).

The game features 51 missions, including tutorial and original Deathwing campaign. The CD-ROM re-release adds extra 9 missions and more digitized speech (in slightly better quality).

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