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When was the last time you got spooked by a computer game? I mean, really jump-out-of-your-skin scared? Never, probably. It's only happened to me once, many years ago when I was playing Rescue On Fractalus, an ancient Lucasfilm game for the C64. For the benefit of those reading who isn't a nostalgic old fart like me, I'd better explain that it was a bit like Defender but in 3D. You had to fly around alien-patrolled mountains, searching for pilots whose ships had crashed. When you found a downed craft you'd land near it and watch as the little space-suited pilot ran to the safety of your ship.

Sometimes they wouldn't be human but alien pilots and if you foolishly tried to rescue one you be treated to a sudden picture of a huge bug-eyed nasty banging furiously at your cockpit window. The first time I made that mistake the shock was so great I nearly died of heart failure. I never thought I'd ever have a similar experience on computer again -until I played Space Hulk.

The game is based on the popular board game of the same name, and is set in the distant future - the 40,000th Century, no less - when the Imperium is fighting a galaxy-spanning battle against the alien hordes of Genestealers who flit through space in vast starships called Space Hulks, carrying out hit-and-run attacks on human outposts.

Fortunately mankind is not completely defenseless. The Emperor has at his disposal an elite army of Terminators, vicious and merciless soldiers who have dedicated their lives to intercepting the alien-infested battleships and destroying all the aliens inside. As commander of a platoon of up to five of these hardened killers, it's your task to guide the Terminators as they explore the mazelike interiors of the Hulks, carrying out specific missions and, of course, blasting the alien scum. It's frightening - but fun - stuff.

The fifty-plus missions in Space Hulk are many and varied. Some put you in control of a lone scout, others in charge of two five-man squads. Some are set to a strict and nerve-wracking time limit, while others allow you to take as long as you jolly well like. Here, in this slightly-fabricated ship example (you won't find a mission quite THIS demanding in the real game!), we show you some of the mission objectives and features you can expect to encounter...

Mummy, I'm frightened! The other day I was playing Space Hulk in our tiny games room. All the lights were on, from the office I could hear the merry sound of Simon and Matt arguing over who's best (again) yet the game still managed to scare the pants off me - which wasn't a pretty sight, I can tell you. I've never known a game that's as successful as Space Hulk at generating this level of genuinely sweaty, tense atmosphere and delivering such effective frights and scares -the game should come with an '18' certificate! I'd challenge even the hardest player not to feel a rumbling in their undies when they first see a swarm of Genestealers charging down the corridor towards them. Space Hulk is brilliant! It's undoubtedly the most successful boardgame-to-computer conversion ever, mainly because all the painful boardgame trappings (turns, dice rolls, etc) have been dispensed with in favour of the brilliantly-devised 'Freeze Time' system, which is far better suited to a computer and yet still retains the structure and rules of the original boardgame. The balance between guns-blazing action and cunning strategy has been calculated to perfection, ensuring that it's near impossible to complete even the simplest mission without without having to use both your brain and your trigger finger at some point. The only negative point I would make is that some of the missions are very tough but don't let that put you off - Space Hulk is an incredible experience that you've just got to be a part of.

A 3-dimensional space game which has you going about shooting millions of aliens and finding rare artifacts. The music is very similar to Desert Strike theme, so it's rule! Anyway, some people say that Hired Guns is a far better game.

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