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Vegas Gambler is a casino game for one player which features four common casino games: Video Poker, Roulette, Black Jack and Slots.

At the start of the game you have $500 to bet with. The betting limits are $200 for Black Jack and Roulette and $5 for Video Poker and Slots. Once you have placed a bet you only need to hit play, the computer will automatically bet the same amount of money again and again, however if you play roulette you have to manually place your bet on the game board. Once you run out of money you may chose between borrowing another $500 or quit. The game features a save/load function for one game.

Vegas Gambler is a decent gamble games for it's time. It offers the option to play Blackjack, Slots, Poker or Roulette and each has several different game features where most of them are the same as normally used in real gambling. While it is one of the first gambling games at all to the PC it still stands as one of the better ones even compared today's gambling games.

This is mainly due to the actual gameplay and of course not the graphics and interface (who needs great graphics when playing Blackjack anyway?). Many other gambling games often includes only a few different games and they also very often don't follow the original game rules which makes the game experience a bit worse than if the developers had just followed the original rules.

As mentioned Vegas Gambler doesn't offer any special things but it was one of the first games in this genre though and offers good gameplay for all those people that are into this genre and it does it without offering anything beyond the original game. Worth a try if you like playing Blackjack, Slots, Poker or Roulette and would like competition from the computer.

A good collection of gambling games, Vegas Gambler contains perennial Vegas favorites slots, blackjack, poker and roulette, each replete with common casino options and variants, presented in colorful graphics (for its time). One of the first casino games ever made for the PC, the game remains to this day one of the finest you will find.

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