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The Historical Center's supercomputer has been infected by the worst virus of all time! And, in fact, time is the target of this devastating invader. It must be tracked down or the tenets of mankind will collapse in a world-ending, cataclysmic whimper. The world as we know it will be gone and in its place -- total chaos!

Playing as Stanley Opar, an expert but unassuming computer technician in the future, your assignment in Time Commando is to destroy this insidious virus. In order to do that, however, you'll have to travel through time -- specifically, eight of history's most deadly eras and face the recreations of the most vicious and cruel historical figures imaginable that the virus constructs and pits against you. Only then, by defeating all eight of these despicable entities will you have a chance to confront the virus itself. Good luck, Time Commando!

And, oh, did I mention time was against you? The way will be hard and filled with lethal encounters. As you wend your way back into time through this virtual world, you try to collect healthy memory circuits, those untouched thus far by the virus. But world computer systems are succumbing to the invading virus at an alarming rate. Only by "uploading" those healthy circuits can you buy extra time to continue your search and destroy mission (and, incidentally, save your game).

Time Commando features eight distinct eras (worlds) and 20 action packed levels. Your journey will take you to diverse and dangerous times such as prehistoric, Roman and feudal Japan. You'll have to fight your way through medieval times, the Conquistadors and the Old West. As you approach the end of your desperate time-tripping you'll know the horrors of modern war and finally, face the future. As your reward, you'll face the ninth and final challenge: The Virus!

From clubs to lasers, from prehistoric to futuristic time -- you'll have 45 deadly weapons with which to strike back. You'll view this world through 3D real-time camera perspectives and animated cut scenes. Time Commando is an original idea from Frederick Raynal of Alone in the Dark fame.

Got some time on your hands? Dive into the time line and find out whether you have enough of it to make a difference! The scourges of history await you.

In the near future, the military has created an advance computerized combat simulation, which allowed participants to be trained in various forms of combat throughout human history. However, a programmer working for a corporation that seeks the downfall of the simulation developers infects the system with a virus. This virus creates a dimensional vortex that threatens to swallow the entire world. Stanley Opar, a member of S.A.V.E (Special Action for Virus Elimination) enters the vortex with one goal: destroy the virus before the universe ceases to exist.

Time Commando is an action game with light puzzle-solving elements. The player character travels to eight different time periods: Prehistoric, Roman Empire, Feudal Japan, Medieval, Conquistador, Wild West, Modern Wars, and Future. Each era has its own characteristic enemies and sets of weapons: for example, Stanley fights with rocks and bone knives in the Prehistoric era, switching to shurikens and katanas in Japan, revolvers and shotguns in the Wild West, laser pistols in the future, etc. Most of the time in the game is spent fighting enemies. Character navigation and combat resemble those of Alone in the Dark. The navigation is character- rather than camera-based, similarly to survival horror games. During combat, Stanley has three attack moves at his disposal, as well as a blocking move. Part of the challenge relies on choosing the right weapons against particular enemies. Stanley starts with a small life bar that can be increased by picking up life power-ups, as well as multiple lives. Time limit is imposed on each level. To lower the countdown, the player has to deposit computer chips collected throughout the levels in special orb pools. The game utilizes animated pre-rendered sequences to represent locations, and polygonal models for the characters.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (472 MB).


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