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Everyone loves Star Wars and its descendant films. Whether it's the "good versus evil" storyline, the characters, or simply the special effects, there's something in there for everyone.

And that's pretty much how Monopoly Star Wars sizes up. Admirably, co-developers Artech Studios and LucasArts have done considerably more than just stick the Star Wars name on the side of the box and change a few minor details. The gameplay closely resembles the original Monopoly CD-ROM, but the whole package has been enhanced by enough authentic Star Wars touches to keep any fan happy.

Characters from the films replace the usual playing tokens and instead of buying houses and hotels, the players purchase colonies and starports. The Imperial Palace replaces Boardwalk as the game's marquee property, the dice are set in motion by X-wing fighters blasting at them, and landing on a property is supplemented by over 150 original video clips and soundbites from the original trilogy of films.

The dulcet tones of C3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels) provide narration throughout. He also acts as banker and is just as lovable (and annoying) here as he is in the films. While there are some differences to the original board game, it is close enough to be instantly familiar and playable from the start.

If there's anything working against Monopoly Star Wars, it's the fact that gameplay can quickly become repetitive. At first it might be fun to roll the dice with a blast of energy bolts from Emperor Palpatine or to watch Boba Fett jetpack his way around the board, but the novelty eventually wears off. And while the video clips are so plentiful and random that you'll not often encounter the same one twice, the very act of watching these three-second pieces eventually loses its luster.

What you're left with is just another Monopoly game. But who ever said that there's anything wrong with that? May the bank be with you!


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