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With polygon based characters and movement reminiscent of his earlier Alone in the Dark series, designer Hubert Chardot (along with the design team at GameSquad) presents the survival horror game The Devil Inside. This adventure takes place as part of a live Halloween 2001 television show on WWWL@, home of the bizarre, horrific and paranormal for the masses.

You play as both Dave Cooper and his "inner self" demon -- an entity that manifests itself as a powerful and deadly female devil. The transformation between Cooper and Deva, as she's known, occurs when either one passes through pentacles that are scattered throughout the grounds and house known as Shadow Gate.

Dave Cooper is an ex-LAPD cop turned TV investigator for WWWL@. He's the star of the cable show "The Devil Inside" and tonight's assignment is to track down and eliminate the undead master criminal Harry Grimes, also known as The Night Howler, all on live television.

It seems as if Grimes has escaped from hell and Satan himself. He's taken up residence at Shadow Gate with his horde of escaped lunatics, killers, mass murderers and stranglers. Born in Nemesis, Texas, Grimes was executed on November 3, 1999, five years after his incarceration following the FBI discovery of his refrigerator filled with 78 jars containing a human eye collection.

Unfortunately for Cooper, the nefarious criminals in Grimes' gang all bear scars from the way they were executed (e.g., electric chair, hanging, drowning) and fight back with whatever weapons they happened to use when still mortal. Shotguns, teeth, machine guns and knives are but a few of the implements of war (yes, this is a war!) he'll face.

As the game progresses, Cooper gathers his own formidable arsenal that includes a pistol, a silenced gun, riot gun, double-barreled riot gun, M-16, triple-capacity M-16, grenade launcher, crossbow, repetition crossbow, flamethrower, light gun and a deadly sander (what a way to die!). His alter ego, Deva, uses a cache of deadly spells such as Soul Burner and Fire Seed and the ability to fly in her attempt to corral the undead and return them to hell at the behest of Lucifer.

As if the Grimes gang of undead isn't enough to deal with, Cooper's bosses want him to keep the action lively as they follow his actions via a series of live camera feeds back to the studio and an out-of-control live audience. It's all about ratings! As part of his mandate, Cooper must, at all costs, protect the cameraman who follows him around. Killing innocent people during his raid in and around Shadow Gate is also frowned upon by the sponsors.

During the process of exorcising all the demons from Shadow Gate, Cooper and Deva must be cognizant at all times of the animosity extended toward them by reporter Angelina Axelrod of rival station SSSW (Site of Serious Science). This 19-year old graduate from Vassar College condemns The Devil Inside program as "the most vile sham in American media history."

Further confounding the mix is the game master and host of the television program, Jack T. Ripper. Interested only in high ratings and fame, Ripper isn't always the most forthcoming person when it comes to giving advice and helping Cooper get the job done -- in fact, he's very much afraid of Deva.

The interface in The Devil Inside is a mixture of mouse and keyboard controls. There are shortcut keys that allow Cooper and Deva to run, kneel while aiming, roll forward and backward, look, draw weapons, fire and access inventories. Using the mouse for movement and looking in conjunction with the keyboard for actions is the recommended configuration.

A feature of The Devil Inside is the available camera options. Changes in views include first- or third-person perspectives, slow motion (four speeds), rotating angles, cameraman view, zone-by-zone triggering, automatic camera and screenshot capability. The game contains cursing, sprays of blood, animated violence, and requires wholesale slaughter of zombie-like undead creatures to complete the quest. It carries a Mature (17+) rating. A 3D-acceleration card with at least four megabytes of memory is required.


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