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The story of Blade of Darkness revolves around the endless battle between the forces of Darkness and the forces of Light. Long ago, the Earth was sealed to the gods with a special spell, protecting mankind from meddling demons but also preventing any helpful intervention by more benign deities. Humanity was left alone to protect itself from the dark forces that remained on Earth. A great hero with a special Sacred Sword set forth to clear the world of the foul denizens left behind by expelled lords of darkness. His great efforts kept the world safe for many years, but he was killed before fully completing his mission.

Now, the forces of evil and darkness on Earth are growing once more, both in strength and numbers. A new hero must seek the lost Sacred Sword, to rid the land of the threat of darkness forever. Players can choose to become one of four different character classes -- the Knight, the Barbarian, the Amazon, or the Dwarf - each offering a unique set of skills and abilities. Combat requires active participation by the player, as different control combinations produce different attack moves and higher-level enemies will easily fend off simple one-button attacks. Experience is based on performance, so characters will develop according to the way they are played. Characters journey through diverse, 3D rendered environments full of objects to manipulate, puzzles to solve, and many enemies to slay.

Blade of Darkness is a medieval blood spiller, wherein you play one of several heroes whose task it is to defeat the invading evil sweeping through the lands.

The graphics are stunning, make no mistake. When you smash open a crate for instance, the bits of wood all fly in different directions, each reacting on its own. I have never seen more realistic attention to detail before.

You are given a choice of four characters to play, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A nice touch was that each character starts out in a separate area specific to that character. In essence then, when you replay the game, you will get a different introduction into the game, based on the character you choose.

Some of the moves your character can achieve are very nice to look at, though the AI of the enemies is limited. Once you figure out the patterns and weaknesses, defeating the beasties is really not much of a challenge. For instance, there were several monsters that would not step over a certain boundary in the game, despite there being nothing in the way to stop them. Once you figure out where this boundary is, those monsters become ridiculously easy to kill.

What this game really boils down to is the next generation of medieval hack and slash. There is a ton of fighting, very very little problem solving, and really no role playing value at all.

If you are a fan of first person (and this game gives you the option of first person or over the shoulder third person) blood fests, then this one is the best out there. Tons of weapons, lots of combat moves, a host of monsters and a thousand different ways to die make this game, without exception, the best of the bunch currently available.

Now, if you are wanting a good role-play, this is not it. My complaint has always been, why cant they take the engine that they use for this game, and make a hard core RPG with it? I am not a fan of the look of games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale (despite the fact that both of these are very good games). Imagine Baldur's Gate from the perspective of Blade of Darkness. I would be in heaven.

One final note, to address the on-going controversy between Blade of Darkness and Rune. If Rune were an Orc, Blade of Darkness would lop its piggish head off without even raising a sweat.


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