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Zugzwang is an excellent chess tutorial/puzzle game coded in Adventure Game Studio, once more demonstrating versatility of this engine.

If you don't know what the name means, "zugzwang" is a situation in chess in which one is forced to make bad move. In the author's words, "Zugzwang gradually leads the player through the basic movements of all the pieces, how to setup the board, capturing, castling, check, checkmate and stalemate, the weird nature of pawns and even the obscure en passant rule. At the same time you get to help two little Pawns, one White and one Black, to reach their ultimate ambitions. To play in a real Battle. Meet and talk to all the Pieces, Black and White, and solve numerous chess puzzles, some serious and some just silly."

If you don't know how to play chess, this brilliant little underdog is one of the best ways to get started. If you already know how to play chess, you will still enjoy Zugzwang for its clever chess puzzles and humorous dialogues between the pieces.


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