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Tie-in of the rather unknown but truly brilliant board game of the same name. Up to four players land on a planet with their motherships, trying to gather as much ore as possible within 24 game rounds.

This almost sounds like a happy, idyllic round of pick-the-flowers... if it wasn't for the truckload of tanks and destroyers that each players happens to have in the cargo area of his mothership. So the players usually spend an equal amount of time picking up ore and bashing their contenders' heads in.

The computer game is an extremely accurate conversion of the board game - virtually every aspect has been taken care of.

What's especially refreshing about this game is that it does not rely on luck - it's pure strategy. The only semi-random thing are the tides (high tide, low tide, and something inbetween) which can strand boats and engulf tanks, but even they can be partially predicted.

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