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Now you can play chess using your favorite LEGO building block characters in LEGO Chess. Play as a pirate, a cowboy, or an Indian as you take on a friend on the same PC or over the internet or choose to do battle against the computer.

The rules are the same as the ones for that ages-old board game, although you can decide whether to allow castling, en passant captures and promotions. You can also have the computer keep track of each move using standard chess notations so you can study your game later.

The board is in 3D and you can rotate it any way you want to get a better view of the action; if you want a clearer look, just toggle the view to 2D, where you can stay to keep playing or switch back to 3D to make your move. An advisor is available to show you all the possible moves any piece can make, and hints are available whenever necessary (except in Story Games, where you can only have five of them). If you need to undo a bad move, you can always do that too (the limit of five in Story Games applies here as well).

If you need more help brushing up on your gameplay, the King's study has books on the basic and advanced rules as well as a book on tactics, tricks, and secrets. Each book has chess puzzles to solve, and you can win awards as you work your way through them.

If you want a real adventure, try a Story Game. There are two to choose from: Wild West and Pirates. As you progress through each one, you watch cartoons starring LEGO characters which move the action along until you reach a critical point and have to play a game of chess. If you win, you get to continue; if you lose, you must try again. When you finish a Story Game you get a special certificate for your scrapbook.


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