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Queen: The Eye has allegedly been inspired by the work of Queen, and features music tracks taken from all eras of the band's career. Curiously, rather than being a game featuring Bicycle Races, Fat-Bottomed Girls, and clog-wearing ponces with giant haircuts, it's an Ecstatica/Resident Evil-style polygon beat 'em up-cum-puzzle-type game. And, of course, just to distance things further from the music and lyrics of Queen, it' set in a dark, decaying future where the economic collapse of society has left the world controlled by an insane, self-replicating bio-organic computer called The Eye.

Because it's the sort of thing that always happens in games, you control a lone rebel out to bring down The Eye and restore some semblance of normality to a world driven mad by constant replays of 'Hammer To Fall' and 'It's A Kind Of Magic' over the omnipresent public address system.

Do the fandango

The game begins proper with you fighting for your life within the deadly maze of a Running Man-style gameshow. However, what begins as a simple 3D beat 'em up becomes more adventure-y once you escape the confines of the maze. The surreal world of The Eye is populated by numerous strange characters, most of them with a circus or Far Eastern feel to them. You have to interact with these odd characters in a variety of ways while solving the usual 'use the brown key on the brown door'-type puzzles.

With the dark, pre-rendered backdrops, every one of which could have been taken from the video for Queen's 'Innuendo' video, there's no doubting that Queen: The Eye doesn't look like anything else. That isn't to say the game looks particularly pretty. The spindly polygon characters are far from attractive, and combat resembles little more than a fight between a couple of marionettes; the backdrops, while refreshing at first, don't take long to get annoying.

Gameplay is where the real flaws lurk, however. There's not much here that hasn't been done better before; and even the introduction of flame-throwers can't compensate for the fact that the fights you regularly get into are just plain annoying - enemies leap around you like deranged mudskippers, which makes lining up your attacks far from easy, while irritating camera angles do little to help.

Queen fans may enjoy the music, but there's nothing in the gameplay to make them want to play the game. As far as that's concerned The Eye could have been inspired by the music and works of Lloyd Cole or The Communards (though, bizarrely, the in-game speech is provided by members of the cast of Blake's 7).

3D action/adventure with a very strange story line and music by the rock group Queen. In the future, the world is ruled by an all-seeing machine called 'The Eye' who has gotten rid of anything which will promote freedom-of-expression or creativity. You play Dubroc, who annoyed The Eye by re-discovering music, and are sentenced to death in 'The Arena', a show broadcast to the world in which the contestant battles fighting champions called the Watchers... from there Dubroc goes on a quest to destroy The Eye.

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