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Quink is a puzzle game for one or two players. In each round of the game, eight names, places, or objects will appear on the screen that will be associated in some way. Out of the eight items, two to six will not be related to the others. The player needs to identify which item(s) are loners and remove them from the list in the given time limit. For each wrong guess the player will lose a life; if three lives are lost, the game ends. Points are awarded for correctly identifying loners; each round contains a goal score, so even if the player completes a round without losing all three lives the goal still needs to be met to proceed onto the next round.

In addition to the regular gameplay rounds, there are also two types of challenge rounds: the single loner challenge, and the matchmaker challenge. In the single loner challenge there will be only one loner in the set; the goal is to identify it as quickly as possible. A correct choice earns bonus points, or the round ends when an incorrect selection is made or time runs out. In the matchmaker challenge, there are nine items displayed; the player needs to find out which item matches the one displayed in the center of the board. Correct choices earn bonus points.

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