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Two-Face and the Penguin are up to no good -- it is up to you to help Batman and Robin save Gotham city. Precious ornamental eggs have been stolen during the night, but Batman and Robin believe that it is more than just thievery that has brought the two villains together. Batman: Justice Unbalanced includes five activities featuring multiple puzzles that require players to use their problem solving, organizational, and listening skills in order to help the Dynamic Duo solve the mystery. Three difficulty levels are available, as is an in-game help feature.

Gotham City is under attack. The nefarious Penguin and his cohort Two-Face are stirring up trouble once again. Kids must help Batman and Robin to stop these dastardly foes in Batman: Justice Unbalanced. Mysterious ticking, bejeweled eggs have been delivered to three of Gotham's leading citizens. Kids join the Dynamic Duo in securing the ticking eggs, disarming them, and discovering and decoding the messages they contain.

Kids cruise Gotham City in the Batmobile to collect clues, using Batman's grappling hooks and Batarangs, but they can't unlock certain areas until they have played for a while. Kids must play logic games to overcome obstacles created by the villains. In one, kids help Batman and Robin eavesdrop on the Penguin's henchmen to determine how to undo an alarm system. In another, they align six-sided robotic umbrellas to form a complete circuit of matching colors and patterns.


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