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As protagonist Rollie McFly, players will fly, ride, swim, jump, swing and roll their way through ten levels of Bugdom, the 3D platform title from Pangea Software. Rollie, the loveable, anthropomorphic bug, may be the only hope to save Bugdom from the evil King Thorax and his Fire Ants. But Rollie needs help, every step of the way. Bugdom features lush backgrounds, non-violent themes, and straight-forward gameplay.

Fans of Pangea Software's successful Nanosaur may enjoy some immediate familiarity with Bugdom, as both games are largely the work of programmer Brian Greenstone. Though Greenstone began creating Bugdom from the basic Nanosaur code, much of the programming has been enhanced or completely rewritten for Bugdom, offering gamers a fresh new experience with a smooth, "console game" feel.

Bugdom was originally developed for Macintosh computers and the Mac version was honored by the Macworld Game Hall of Fame with the award for "Best Arcade Game" in 1999.

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