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Arcade Volleyball is a simple, 2-player (human or computer) "volleyball"-like game where you have to, simply enough, bang the ball so that it hits the opposite player's ground. Some basic rules apply: when the ball's current owner loses a round (either because the ball touched the ground or he touched it for 3 times) the opposite player becomes the owner. If a player is not the owner of the ball and loses a round, the opposite player gains a point. The game is over when either player reaches 15 points.

If women live longer than men because God returns them the time they spent on parking their vehicles, then I could live at least another 100 years by the same criteria. However, not because of parking, but because of the time I spent on playing this game.

Although, at first sight, you might think this game doesn't have a lot to offer, stop and think again. Behind a rather daft interface you will discover a fantastically dynamic and exciting game. Once you become addicted to it, and get accustomed to the little round guy with a big nose, you're done for. Many hours of trying to hit the winner ball will await.

Whoever dares to try, go ahead, it's just a few kilobytes ;)

Well, I put this up because of nostalgic purposes (like so many other games... ;) ). It's fun to play this 1 on 1 Volleyball-Game against a friend and it's also possible to play it against a computer-controlled opponent. The game itself surely isn't a smash-hit, the computer plays weird - sometimes worse than a baby and the other time unbeatable. Decide for yourself, it's surely nice to kill off some minutes. If you want a version with better graphics take a look at Zorlim's Arcade Volleyball.

I find this game to be very fun even it is one of the simplest games ever made. It might not be considered as a sport game actually, but what is it then?

This is a game for two players only. You cannot play it versus the computer. You and your friend will be controlling two "walking heads" and play a classic game of volleyball. As I said, simple yet very fun game.

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