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Another golf game, featuring an extensive course designer as a value-added feature. Similar to Links or PGA Tour Golf, both of which came out around the same time.

Follow-up to the first Jack Nicklaus by Accolade. Back in the time of its release in 1990, there were three golf games competing for the passionate computer golfer's heart: Links by Access Software, PGA Tour Golf by Electronic Arts, and this game, Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf. Unlimited Golf arguably is the worst of these three, but is by no means a bad game. It has an included course designer and offers computer-controlled players-- two features neither Links nor PGA Tour Golf could offer the player. But overall gameplay can't keep up with the other two classy games, which is a shame. Recommended still, especially to budding course designers and golf beginners. Check out the sequel Signature Edition for an even more versatile course designer program.

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