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Candy Land used to be a game that taught only color matching and counting. But no more. Now transferred to the computer screen, Candy Land Adventure allows players to rescue King Candy from Lord Licorice and his imprisonment in the castle.

Players will definitely enjoy the game, which is designed to get players into the story, and the adventure right from the start. Players start at Mr. Pop's Sweet Shop, which is just about out of candy. If this continues, he tells the players, he might have to close his shop!

Who should show up but Captain Cookie, the Gingerbread Man? He explains that King Kandy has been imprisoned by the vile Lord Licorice and he needs your help to free him. By moving the cursor until it turns into a candy cane "back" arrow and clicking, the players are transported to Candy Land!

Players wind up at the castle, where they are told what Gloppy wants to help free King Kandy. Six candies to eat.

From there, players can go to any of the six lands on the map. From time to time, they can return to feed Gloppy the candies they have collected, or get all six candies first. If they are lucky, sometimes if they return to feed Gloppy a candy (before they get all six), they will find the Gumdrop Pass, which will reward them with an extra piece of candy that they can feed to Gloppy.

This is an engaging game with adorable characters. Even Lord Licorice is cute in a villainous way. The games are simple enough not to slow players down for overly long, yet enable players to learn skills such as sorting by size, the alphabet, and shapes, just to mention a few. For children who are used to playing the game Candy Land, this is a logical "next step up" that can provide kids with hours of play.

The only complaint I have about the game is that some of the words and songs are difficult to hear over the background music and sounds, especially at the conclusion of the game, where the sound of fireworks overwhelm the Candy Land song being sung by the characters.

If you have toddlers who enjoy playing the board version of this game, this is an excellent game to purchase. It can even extend the enjoyment of the board game to a great degree. Admirably suited for children 3-6, this is the best version of updating a familliar game I have yet seen. If you purchase this game, you won't be sorry you did.

Graphics: Wonderful graphics, showing both the entirety of Candy Land and its various domains, such as the Lollipop Forest and the Gumdrop Mountains.

Sound: Background sounds occasionally overwhelm the voices to a greater or lesser extent, but not often enough to seriously impair the game.

Enjoyment: Players will get hours of fun out of this game.

Replay Value: Each game is new, and there is enough variation in the different lands to make replay slightly different each time.

King Kandy has been kidnapped by that mischievous Lord Licorice and that means trouble for candy lovers everywhere. It's up to you to follow your sweet tooth on a magical journey through Candy Land. Meet all your favorite characters, explore your favorite lands, and use your early math and language skills to rescue the King.

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