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Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures sure is a great idea. It puts you in the role of Indiana himself and it's up to you to guide him through an amazing amount of quests. In fact, because of the random quest generator, there's almost an endless amount of quests to finish. Most quests require you to find a certain item, give that item to someone who needs it and proceed to the next portion of the quest. Like any good adventure game, there's also some puzzles to be solved -- like how to get into certain houses or buildings or how to get from point a to point b and survive. You'll also have to do some fighting. Wild beasts and treasure hunters are trying to stop you from achieving your goals (usually to find an item). You'll have to use your famous whip or any other weapon you find to get by them. And the good news is that the quests won't have you playing for a seemingly endless amount of time. Almost every adventure can be finished in a good 30 minutes or an hour. The fact that this game is linear in what must be done merely amplifies the easiness and simplicities of Desktop Adventures. So needless to say, this is the perfect time waster. It's also very inexpensive and will play on just about any PC nowadays.

This game isn't out to impress anyone with its technological side; its main focus is on fun. Graphics buffs, beware, this game does not look too particularly earth shattering. It's 2D and done in the tradition of the old Ultima games. The visuals aren't very detailed and the animation is quite bad. Indiana doesn't exactly walk -- he hops from place to place, kind of like a "hex" game. And guess what, the soundtrack and effects are pretty outdated. Even the control isn't that great. This is primarily due to the fact that there's no sense of animation or realistic feelings. But you know something? None of this really matters in the end.

You see, Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures doesn't take itself too seriously and that's where it succeeds. It's not trying to be anything spectacular. It gives up the big flashy graphics and sound of today in return for a very fun and simple gaming experience. You can play this at work, at home or just whenever you're bored or need to kill off a few minutes. Kudos to LucasArts for keeping the main thrust of every game in tact here: fun.

Graphics: The visuals are very plain looking -- there's not much variety in textures and the animation is pretty weak

Sound: Equally unimpressive is the soundtrack and sound effects. They're all very outdated and won't impress anyone.

Enjoyment: Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures is a very fun little game and it's the perfect time killer. The quests are pretty fun and the game never takes itself too seriously.

Replay Value: With the random quest generator, you'll more than likely never play the same game twice, which adds a wealth of replay value.

Indiana Jones is an archaeologist and adventurer, searching the globe for hidden treasures and lost artifacts. Towards this end, Indiana Jones has arrived in Mexico during the 1930s. Although the people living in the town of Lucasio are friendly, others such as Nazis, desperados and dangerous creatures are not so much. Indiana must use his skills to accomplish his objectives and retrieve treasured objects.

Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures is an action/adventure game, seen in top-down view. Players control Indiana Jones as he collects items, attempts to solve all the puzzles and defeat his enemies in order to complete the mission. Indiana primarily uses his whip, but may also pick up a pistol or other weapons to use against foes. Indiana has a health meter on screen and will die if it drops to zero.

The design of the game is meant to be casual gaming and is simplified to give the player quick experiences. Upon beginning a game, the player chooses the size of the game world (and indirectly the length of time it will take to complete). The game world, all the characters, items, and Indiana's mission are then randomly generated. Individual locations, such as the town of Lucasio may remain the same, however the path to and from those areas may change considerably.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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