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Guide archeologist-adventurer Indiana Jones in 1939 as he attempts to discover and explore the lost continent Atlantis. Hot on his heels are Nazi agents, who wish to unleash the powers of Atlantis against an unsuspecting world. During your adventure, you will fight off plenty of Nazis, but you will also solve puzzles, ride a camel, and commandeer a number of vehicles, including a car, a balloon, and a submarine. You will even repair and use Atlantean machinery!

At various points in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, you must decide which type of gameplay you should undertake: the Team Path, which includes Sophia (a psychic and former colleague) as a search partner; the Wits path, which has you using your intellect to overcome obstacles; and the Fists path, where the emphasis is on action. These paths cross from time to time, but many of the puzzles and places you can visit will be different. Once you reach Atlantis, the paths re-converge.

Throughout the game you will converse with and receive information and advice from people, both friendly and unfriendly. Indy communicates via you clicking certain phrases that appear at the bottom of the screen. You will also point and click on words (such as look at, open, and pick up) and icons in order to use items, open doors, and perform numerous other tasks. You can keep a book, a whip and other items in your inventory for use whenever appropriate to the task at hand.

As the story unfolds, the action will cease from time to time and special cut-scenes will play. These short, animated sequences can provide clues and information. Cut-scenes also appear to show certain animations, such as when a jungle rodent helps Indy get rid of a snake.

Indiana Jones is back! The great archaeologist and adventurer has to solve a grand mystery once again, aided by his trusty whip, his sharp wit, and his courage. A man who calls himself Mr. Smith is interested in a certain ancient statue. When the unsuspecting Indy hands it over to the client, he finds out that Mr. Smith is in fact a colonel in the Nazi army! Why was he so interested in that statue? A girl who had once worked together with Indy, the pretty red-haired (and a bit troublesome) Sophia, tells him the whole thing must have a connection with the legendary lost continent Atlantis. Gathering clues from all over the world, Indy and Sophia embark on their greatest journey!

Fate of Atlantis is not a movie spin-off, but an independent adventure with a brand new story. The gameplay utilizes LucasArts' famous SCUMM system, with action verbs the player chooses from a menu; the objects that can be interacted with are highlighted. The game contains many puzzles of various kinds (mostly inventory-based) and dialogues with multiple choices. There are also a couple of hand-to-hand fights against the Nazis. The middle part of the game can be played in three "modes": co-operation (Indy and Sophia), adventure (Indy alone), and action (Indy alone, with less puzzles and more action). In each mode there are different locations to visit, different puzzles to solve, and different characters to meet.

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